One Down, Four More to Go!

Long time no see! Boy oh boy was last semester a doozy. I did great and was able to pass on to the next semester, which I was so thankful for! I feel like I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time and my passion for helping people is only getting stronger! I am actually a week and a half into the new semester and have gotten a good feel for it. We have 11 weeks of clinical and a test almost every week so it is definitely going to be challenging. But I actually love that about nursing school, I love to see how far I can go with studying and learning and mastering skills but not actually become overwhelmed. I see so many students pull all nighters and it’s just not a good idea. I don’t put that kind of stress and pressure on myself and it seems to be working out in my favor. I also hear lots of student say they have no life out side of school and I think that’s ridiculous. I still have fun with friends, go to work out classes, and spend time with my family along with going to school. It all about balance and staying calm and centered and knowing that you are prepared for whatever is coming your way. All I can say is bring it on! I’m so ready to get through these next four semesters, I think it’s going to be great!

Thanks for reading!



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